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What Makes YOU an Artist? | Reflecting on the Boundaries of Artistry.

What makes us artists? Who decides what art is? And what is the difference between being really good at something and being an artist and creator in that very discipline? Is art defined by the observer or by its creator? [Flag Dance Motion, Feb 2024, Düsseldorf] These questions have been on my mind for a few months now, specifically since I was offered and agreed to collaborate with some talented musicians and dancers here in Düsseldorf for an experimental performing art project named "Dare To Dare". After almost twelve years away from the stage, the dance and music worlds, and performing arts in general, the questions above have naturally arisen, as follow-ups to one main question: Am I 'still' an artist? One may argue that some of the most amazing artists that the world has come to know in music, art, theatre, painting, acting, sculpturing, and more... have lived or live their lives fully absorbed by their craft. Some never even went to school to "learn"

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